Thank you so very much for everything. Just mentioning your name causes mountains to be moved.

Beverlye, Lewis

Miami, Florida

Anthony Langston

(Small Cell Prostate Cancer Survivor)

Ocala, Florida

Rena and her organization have been a great blessing to out family. We haven't won the fight yet but she's equipping us with the tools to fight. She's such an amazing help to our family.

Niesha Mack-Freeman

Miami, Florida

iSalute the Ribbon's Wall of Honor

Sheldon Hanks

The day that changed my life Oct. 15, 2015

(Stage 4 Osteosarcoma Survivor)

Miami, Florida

Linda Dunn (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Miami, Florida

"My mother moved to Florida in October of 2014 and she had to start her Chemotherapy the same month. After her last treatment December 2014, the doctor told us that the Chemotherapy stopped working. I saw that Rena Day had sent me a link to her Non-Profit Organization, Salute the Ribbon. So, I clicked on the link and all of my answers were right there. So, I called Salute the Ribbon Incorporated and left a message for someone to call back... Rena Day (founder) responded right back. STR guided us with education on healthy eating habits and assisted my mother with applying for Medicaid. I thank god for Salute the Ribbon for educating my mother & I through this process."

Audrey Criss, (daughter)


Praise God for this special person he put in my path! I am fighting cancer and also fighting for a medical card for 2 years! Rena got my case and had me approved in 3 weeks! Thank you for all you do for people like myself and God bless you!


Ocala, Florida

No, I don't have breast cancer, I wanted to be placed on the iSalute the Ribbon's Wall of Honor. "Thank God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you so very much Mrs. Rena Day. You were truly a God sent in my case and an answer to my prayer. I was diagnosed with stage four small cell prostate cancer and was told by the doctors at Shands Hospital. I would not be able to work again because of my condition. 

God sent me an angel in the flesh by the name of Mrs. Rena Day. When I was first met her I knew she was sent by God for me. As we met and talked and she shared with me what she could do for me through her organization I was so excited because I could hear and see her passion and love for what she does. I would like to say everything she told me she and her organization could do for me that is exactly what she has done. Mind you I had already applied for these services before I met Mrs. Rena Day be was denied. Within seven to ten days I received my medicaid approval letter.

A couple of days later I received my card just like she had said. Instead of many many months and years and continuous denials I received my first check in the mail just like she had told me. So thanks to Mrs. Rena Day and her organization I am medically insured and have at least some type of income to help me maintain some quality of life.

And because of Mrs. Rena Day and her program I am now an advocate for it. I was not asked to do so. I just took it upon myself Because I truly feel with all my heart this is something that can help the masses and many many others if they just knew about it."


Let me start out with you're amazing, God sent. I have met some great people through my journey, and you are one of them. You really took time with me over the phone, for someone you've never met. You told me that "You were the one who could get it done and you DID. You actually care about people and getting the help that they really need. I am forever grateful. This world needs more people like you. Thank you so much.


Belleview, Florida

​iSalute the Ribbon Wall of Honor

Although I don't have breast cancer I made it on the iSalute the Ribbon's Wall of Honor.
" I had an opportunity to meet Rena Day founder of Salute the Ribbon when I was diagnosed with rare cancer called Osteosarcoma (Stage 4) at the age of 28. Rena serves great character when dealing with people with cancer. Not only does she shows great character, she creates ways to deal with situations in a very professional matter, She's equivalent to a drill sergeant. She pushes you to want to get better. Losing is not an option for Rena. She fights with you until the very end." 

Thanks Rena for pushing me now I'm cancer free as of April 2016!