A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Information comes at you full-force, decisions you need to make may be overwhelming and where do you begin? Having a personal guide to help navigate the process is exactly what you need and that’s what our Cancer Care Coordinators do.  We provide support to patients by advocating them through the cancer care medical maze. 

Cancer Care Coordinators in cancer care has more of a pioneering role. We provide patients with one consistent contact to coordinate their health care to help avoid loose ends and is a signature of the program’s quality. 

Our team wants to help uninsured individuals better cope when facing a cancer diagnosis. We’ll provide you with insurance coverage assistance, trustworthy and update to date treatment education, healthy lifestyle advice and support.

iSupport Care Program 

IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION (IF) formally known as Salute the Ribbon Inc. launched its iSupport Care Program in late 2017 to breakthrough health disparities for cancer care throughout Southeastern and Central Florida that were not only limiting but, in most cases, preventing access to quality care for uninsured individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. Often these individuals experienced financial barriers that often resulted in them forgoing cancer treatments.

We are aware that most local hospitals have Patient Access Eligibility Interviewers that interview and screen patients for Medicaid eligibility and/or eligibility for other assistance programs. These individuals also act as a Liaison between the hospital and the patient. However, the work load is overwhelming as they are tasked with far more than just interviewing and screening cancer patients they are also assisting with uninsured patients with varies types of chronic illness and this work is spread across the entire hospital network, from the Emergency room to an inpatient stay. As a result, this level of work load and the volume of patients they have to assist may cause a delay with the Medicaid/HMO's application approval process, which is costly and detrimental for the patients in need of critical, life-saving treatments that they cannot afford otherwise.

iSupport Care Program offers advocacy, awareness, education, and  application assistance for medical coverage.  We are able to provide these services at no cost to the patient as long as funding is in place. Our program was developed to specifically target uninsured women and men to help eliminate barriers that contribute to delays in cancer care and to ensure services are provided to individuals in a timely manner. 


Our Cancer Care Coordinators have the following impacts:


  • Increase access to care. WE improve access to health care services for people who previously experienced limited access to these services. Our Cancer Care Coordinatiors are highly effective in assisting uninsured individuals, and ensuring access to cancer care in a timely manner.
  • ​​Improve health care quality. WE can play a role in improving patient-centered care, including improving communication between patients and providers, supporting delivery of culturally competent services and helping with ongoing cancer care self-management. 


To see if you qualify for our program you MUST meet all of the following:

  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Valid Picture ID
  • ​ Proof of citizenship, permanent resident, or legal alien 
  • ​Uninsured 
  • Proof income or Letter of Support
  • Pathology report and/or scans with cancer results (must have a documented cancer dx)
  • ​Ordering physician and treatment in place (if treatment has not been established please provide plan of care)
  • ​Proof of address
  • Must be a resident or citizen in the state of Florida


​​If you have all of the information above please complete fillable attached application and fax all required documents. 











Our Program

Educational programs are a key component of the services we provide as we seek to promote the overall health and well-being of Southeastern and Central Florida residents. IAMRENADAY Foundation provides the Cancer Prevention Education Program to increase awareness of high-risk behaviors, early warning signs and symptoms of cancer, and cancer prevention methods.

Due to the rising number of deaths throughout the United States we provide Cancer Prevention Education through our community-based program for breast, lung, cervical, prostate and colonrectal.  We start at the grassroots level which enable us to open the lines of communication for patients to learn and ask questions. We work directly with patients to communicate and disseminate disease information in order to give them a better understanding of cancer care. We understand that cancer diagnoses impact patients, families, loved ones, and can have a ripple effect in the community. Our Cancer Care Coordinators know how communities can be affected by cancer. 

The Cancer Prevention Education Program aims to lessen the overall burden of cancer in Southeastern and Central Florida. We have health educators who provide free cancer prevention education to support groups, employers, schools, churches, businesses and civic organizations in our community. Prevention education includes self-breast examinations, screening resources, and tobacco prevention.

For more information or to set up a cancer education seminar, please email us at rday@iamrenaday.org.