Memorial Hospital Cancer Institute  
Hollywood, Fl (February 17, 2017) 

"As I look back at this picture over and over again. The tears began to flow like a river down my face. When I looked into her eyes I seen my mother. This has hit home... Even though my mom didn't have cancer but seeing her on the bed of affliction brought back memories" 

Rena Day

Rena Day, Founder

Rena Day is the Founder and CEO of IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION formerly known as Salute the Ribbon Inc... She has worked over a decade as an advocate for men and women with cancer. Throughout Rena's journey of life, she has advocated for people who have been challenged with access to cancer healthcare which has strengthened the culture of IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION.

Rena has dedicated sleepiness nights, long work days and time away from her family to assist people that are in need. Shortly thereafter, Salute the Ribbon was born. Salute the Ribbon was originally developed to offer much-needed breast health services to under-insured, uninsured and immigrant women regardless of their immigration status. But, when the organization began working with women and realized the need was greater than medical demands alone, the program had to dramatically change the type of services rendered and expand the variety of services available. As a result, renaming the organization to IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION was necessary and strategic. As a program director, she has helped so many people from all walks of life to successfully overcome different levels of hardships. She has a heart of gold and her heart guides her to her purpose.  

Rena was born in South Florida. She spent her childhood days growing up in Over-town and Liberty City, and she attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School; over the years of her adult life she has worked and resided in Miami. Rena currently lives in Ocala, Florida. Rena has over a decade of experience in on and off label cancer treatments, insurance coverage, advocacy, and cancer education. She has obtained both the practical experience and the education to lead this organization to great heights and beyond. Using her tenacious business savvy along with an insatiable thirst for helping others, Rena has successfully built a solid foundation for the IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION. She possesses a strong passion for helping others, as well as an unequivocal respect and admiration for cancer survivors around the world. She is sincerely touched by the men and women who fight this disease every day without the proper access to insurance coverage to get the cancer care they need, and she aims to change that in a big way. Rena enjoys spending time with her family, inspiring others, going to church, and writing.

Pre-Mother's Day Brunch 
Miami Gardens, Fl (April 30,2016)

As I sit here preparing my mind to shave my head completely bald for my upcoming Pre-Mother's Day Brunch, tears started to roll down my face. I can't fathom the thought of losing my hair without a choice, losing weight without a choice or losing my independency without a choice. My heart truly hurts for a person who has to go through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. #SHAVE4THEBRAVE!!!!