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Councilwoman Felicia Robinson is a native of the City of Miami Gardens. She is a community activist and has worked in the Miami Dade Public School System for twenty years. Ms. Robinson is an Assistant Principal at Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School. She graduated from Tuskegee University, University of Miami and Barry University. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, and a Specialist in Educational Leadership Councilwoman Robinson currently serves on many boards for the City, the State, and in the Educational Arena. She is a proven leader and prides herself on putting people before politics.

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Kashondru Reynolds currently lives in Columbus Georgia with her two beautiful children. Before joining the Salute the Ribbon family, she served in the United States Air Force, developing crucial skills and intangibles that would lead her down this long path of success. As an inventory control supervisor, Kashondru was in charge of keeping an annual inventory of over $52 million worth of supplies, making her perfect for her role here with the organization. She’s perfected the art of multi tasking and at the same time possesses an uncanny ability to focus on specific projects for any given job. IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION is proud to have her skills on the team, and she looks forward to applying her skill set to this meaningful cause.  

Shantelle Smith is a native Floridian, born and raised in Hollywood, into a large, tight-knit, supportive family, whom she cherishes and who taught her the values of service, support and how a village should operate. Upon graduating from McArthur High School she attended Florida A&M University, in Tallahassee, FL. Shantelle moved to Ft. Pierce, FL, 1998, and began a lifelong career in public service. She worked as a legal secretary at the Office of the State Attorney, 19th Judicial Circuit. With an increased desire to work in a capacity that would have a direct and positive impact on the lives of the community, she transitioned to the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement in 2003, as a Revenue Specialist, and earned various promotions to Revenue Manager, during her tenure. In 2010, she broadened her public service profession with the City of Miami Gardens and currently serves there as an Assistant to Councilmembers. “You can’t be a great leader unless you know how to follow”. Shantelle is also a charter and board member of the Tree of Life Faith Ministries, Inc., where her husband, Ellis Smith, Jr. is the Senior Pastor. Shantelle is director of the Women’s Ministry and church administrator. Her heart’s desire is to train and lead others out of despair and into a life of hope and purpose. Her life of service has given her the ability to lead with humility and grace. Shantelle earned a Bachelor of Science from Florida A&M University. She and Ellis have two children, Janelle and Michael. 

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Rena Day has the expertise, leadership, training, interpersonal and motivation necessary to successfully carry out IAMRENADAY Foundation. She has a broad background in Oncology, both practical and education with specific training and expertise in cancer health. She is currently an active advocate for the cancer care community. She began advocating for cancer care in 2003 after seeing culturally diverse communities throughout South Florida unaware and uneducated about cancer health awareness and treatment options. She formed “Salute the Ribbon” in 2014 known as IAMRENADAY Foundation after a decade of struggling to find programs with a seamless process in place for the culturally diverse population in Miami-Dade County that offered education, prevention and risk factors in cancer health. At IAMRENADAY FOUNDATION formally known as Salute the Ribbon, she provides one-on-one education and advocacy to patients after they have received a cancer diagnosis. Throughout her life, she has been blessed to be in a position to mentor, motivate and inspire people to conquer their fears. She is a native of Miami, Fl and she grew up in one of the oldest neighborhoods in South Florida called Overtown. After spending all of her childhood and most of her adult years in Miami, she relocated to Ocala, Fl. In 2018, she is one of the Co-Chair nominees of Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative. She is a wife, mother of four, a grandmother, an author, an inspirational speaker, a mentor, cancer health advocate and the founder of a IAMRENADAY Foundation.

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Dr. Alexis B. Morris 


Dr. Alexis B. Morris is a visionary professional with skills in instructional leadership, administrative leadership, curriculum instruction and development, community-based building, facility operations, program planning and implementation, court procedures, public policy, debate, and comprehensive law. Dr. Morris has reared in the knowledge that the greatest among us is a servant. Her early years were imbued with the principles of servitude. Dr. Morris earned her Law degree from St. Thomas University, and an undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University.  Her scholarly pursuits and interest revolved around educational leadership, urban education, curriculum and instruction, and school district administration.  Dr. Morris has long believed in passing on to others the opportunities that have been afforded her throughout her childhood and her adult life. Dr. Morris’ philosophy is simple “Effective leaders are servants.”  She prides herself on being a servant to all stakeholders but maintaining her stance of “The People First".

Dr. Morris has spent the last 20 years teaching, planning, implementing, researching, empowering, and improving her community, her church, and her workplace. A guiding principle in her work has always been to provide the means by which others can achieve high standards.  Dr.Morris’20 year educational career has spanned from the classroom to leadership.  

This coupled with her legal experience gives her a multifaceted view of education, public policy, and government and has also helped her to achieve balanced leadership. She is a results-oriented experienced leader who has dedicated her talents and her energies to ensuring equity for all.A former Assistant Principal in Dade County Public Schools, Dr. Morris career has led her to a variety of schools from urban to diverse in the melting pot of South Florida. She later transitioned to the Metro Atlanta area where she has been a resident of Dekalb County for 10 years. She expanded her legal experiences and knowledge of Georgia while working for Attorney Robert Burroughs. She has worked in the Dekalb County School System where she was awarded Teacher of the Year at Towers High School in 2012-13. 

She is currently Teacher of the Year at Benjamin E. Mays High School and a Semi Finalist for High School Teachers in the Atlanta Public School System. As an Adjunct Professor, she taught business law and lectured on how the law relates to the business world, and practices and processes used by businesses that impact economic growth. She volunteers for the Disciplinary Hearing Committee, Administrative Interview Committee, Girl Scouts of America, SACS Peer Review Teams and the Parent Teacher Student Association. She is the Vice Chair of the GoTeam – Local School Governance Team at Benjamin E. Mays High School; where she currently teaches social studies. Dr.Morris is an active member of the Children's Ministry and Deacon Wives’ ministry at Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church - House of Hope Decatur, and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc, Stone Mountain-Lithonia Alumnae Chapter.

A seven-year Breast Cancer Survivor, Dr. Morris has demonstrated balance, faith, and strength. Dr. Morris is happily married to Mr. Horace Morris and has three children (Breyeon 19, Ayanah 13 and Hakim 10).  Dr.Morris and her family relocated to Atlanta ten years ago and now consider themselves "Peaches".